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Everyone has a different story, and each story has its own challenges and triumphs. We understand needs vary considerably, and challenges are overcome one at a time. At RDA, we take the time to understand your very personal objectives and then customize a solution especially for you.

Anticipating your needs is vital and developing a lasting relationship allows us the time to see your plan through. Together, we can anticipate the unexpected and respond to an ever-changing world. RDA was not established to offer “cookie cutter” answers, but to provide a platform where clients and advisors pool resources to create specialized plans.

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*sources: 2014 Gallup Poll, US Census Bureau Bankrate Saperston Companies Research Date 7-13-14

Insurance Protection – Law of Numbers

Are you maximizing employer benefits to your advantage? Is your current benefit program providing you with a false sense of security? What will you do if your benefits end but your needs continue? Is your family protected from inflation, loss, and taxes?

Wealth Building – Living Large

In 1991, only 11% of American workers expected to retire after age 65. In 2012, that percentage rose to 37% and the rate is expected to increase to over 60% by 2020.*

Are you doing all you can to prepare for retirement? A staggering 39% of U.S. adults have NO non-retirement savings.* Are you saving appropriately and are you diversified? Does your current allocation reflect your risk tolerance?

Legacy Planning – Avoid the 1-2 Punch

Are you part of the 50% of parents with NO will?* Does your estate plan care for your assets but ignore your children? If you are unable to make health care decisions on your own, who can? Do you have a plan, or will your family get knocked out by taxes and a lack of foresight?

Retirement Solutions – Let it Rain

The average savings for a 50 year old is $43,797 and 36% of Americans don’t save anything.* With the total cost of health care for a couple over 65 running $215,000 over the course of 20 years, that means the average savings covers less than 5 years of medical expenses.*

When can you retire? Will inflation derail your retirement dreams? What is your net worth? Do you know how much you spend and how much you save? Our advisors can help you make plans and set goals for your financial future.