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Statement to Clients
Legacy Everyone is gifted with qualities and characteristics that make us unique and special.

Mine include a competitive and determined nature and a drive to achieve results all while being tempered by compassion, empathy, and reason. I employ these traits as I conduct myself in my daily business activities. I enjoy seeing others succeed in their lives and live by this mantra: “Enrich the lives of those you value and success will find its way into yours”.

My goals with RDAFN are simple: To build an organization of independent minded thinkers operating within a structural framework that allows for streamlined business operation, enabling the focus to be on what’s important…addressing the needs of our valued clients. Secondly, to cultivate a culture of shared knowledge and experience. This network of subject matter experts creates a powerful resource for advisors to solve for any challenges our clients face.

RDAFN Investment Advisors have a Fiduciary responsibility to our clients at all times. We are paid an asset based fee, so our interests are aligned with our clients. We take time to understand financial situations no matter the complexity, and draw on decades of experience to provide personalized solutions that make sense today, and regularly reassess whether arrangements are geared to stand the test of time. It is an honor and a privilege to be selected for such an important role as your financial advisor. It is a responsibility that we view is the result of the most important financial decision a client may make, a responsibility that we accept willingly, and to which we dedicate our careers to carry out properly.

Background Information
Business Background:
RDA Financial Network, Inc.

Vice President, Business Development
Investment Advisor Representative
2017 – Present

Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services

Director, RIA Sales & Support
2015 – 2016

American Trust and Savings Bank/ATFinancial Advisors

1st Vice President, Advisor Services
2007 – 2015

University of Wisconsin – Stout

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration


Series 65

Health, Life, Variable Life Insurance

Disciplinary Information:

Wade has no disciplinary information history to disclose.

Wade M. Johnson

RDA Financial

Vice President, Business Development

Phone: 319.626.3464
2475 Coral Court Suite A
Coralville, IA 52241
Fax: 319.626.3540